Fazioli Pianos has been producing grand and concert grand pianos since 1981, when the company was founded by the engineer and pianist Paolo Fazioli. Passion for music, great artisanship, continuous technological research and strict material selection: these are the elements required for building a Fazioli piano. FAZIOLI refuses any industrial approach to manufacturing and pursues the objective of uncompromised quality. The factory is located in Sacile, in the Province of Pordenone (60 km Northeast of Venice) in an area boasting an ancient and prestigious tradition in the art of woodworking.


la storiaThe history of the company is characterised by a growing number of successes: from the first international fairs, to the acquisition of important dealers worldwide, from the sales to the world’s most prestigious theatres to the always closer cooperation with renowned artists who exclusively require Fazioli pianos for their concerts. Among them, we can’t avoid mentioning the great pianist Angela Hewitt and living jazz legend Herbie Hancock.
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Fazioli / produzioneProduction levels revolve around 140 pianos a year, reaching not only the European and North American market, but also China, Russia, the Far East and South America, as well as various emerging countries. The collection consists of six piano models of different lengths, from the F156 baby grand to the F278 and F308 concert grands. Upon request, any aesthetic modification can be applied to every model (Art Case and Design Collection). The company currently employs a staff of 50 people. The FAZIOLI technicians represent a highly specialized team working with the passion and professionality of someone who is aware of being constantly involved in the construction of a unique and precious object destined to the world of art. The whole production process, from the initial rim bending to the finished product, lasts about two years and requires, as we like to reiterate, technological expertise, great artisanship, rigorous material selection and continuous scientific research. All of these aspects, aiming at reaching uncompromised high quality and therefore much more important than a mere “long-standing tradition”, are associated with an obsessive attention to detail and represent the distinguishing features of our pianos.


Fazioli / istituzioniThe success of a company which today is not just considered an authentically “Made in Italy” brand, but a brand in the truest sense of the word, is confirmed by the presence of FAZIOLI pianos at the world’s most important institutions for piano training of the highest level. The famous Juilliard School in New York has recently purchased a FAZIOLI concert grand, thus breaking a monopoly that, to that day, had been bonding the institution to another historic brand. FAZIOLI pianos are also present on the prestigious stages of Teatro La Fenice in Venice and the Palace of Arts in Budapest, the Beijing Grand Theatre and the Colburn School, as well as in the rooms of the Paris Conservatory and the Universities of Vienna, Graz and Salzburg… to cite only a few of the hundreds of institutions owning FAZIOLI pianos worldwide.


Fazioli / concorsiAlongside the many competitions that make exclusive use of FAZIOLI pianos, it is worth mentioning the prestigious international competitions offering candidates the possibility of choice among many brands, including FAZIOLI, like the “Chopin” Competition in Warsaw, the “Tchaikovsky” in Moscow, “Honens” in Calgary, “Franz Liszt” in Utrecht. In July 2016, a FAZIOLI concert grand was present at the prestigious Sydney Competition for the first time, gathering resounding success. In May 2017, the company was proud of seeing all finalists of the “Artur Rubinstein Piano Competition” in Tel Aviv performing all rounds on the FAZIOLI piano: first prize went to the 21-year-old Polish Szymon Nehring and second prize to the 25-year-old Rumanian Daniel Petrica Ciobanu, while 28-year-old Yevgeny Yontov was awarded the “Best Israeli Pianist” and “Best Chamber Music Performance” Prizes .


Fazioli / etica e certificazioniThe FAZIOLI Company has a “green” soul. Since 2011, the photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the manufacturing facilities produces one third of the factory energy needs. This brings to the saving of approximately one ton of carbon dioxide for every piano produced. Pollution emissions in all production phases are constantly checked. The wood used for building the instruments comes exclusively from certified suppliers who guarantee the respect of environmental ethics. The company is certified to the standards of the international quality certification ISO-9001.


Historically focused on technological, productive and creative aspects – as stated by “The Economist”, a company that 40 years ago didn’t even exist, is considered today to be a great example for its strong commitment to research, innovation and promotion of its product: a piano constantly looking to the future. Every day FAZIOLI sees new challenges as an opportunity for growth: occasions to write another chapter in that history of the piano that the company does not wish to betray, but rather to carry forward with curiosity and intelligence.

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